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Hashtag Contest

Do you…

Love to read?

Like murder mysteries and thriller/suspense novels?

Want to win a prize?

Want to help out an author?

Here’s your chance!

Here are the rules:

  1. Share me on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram (at least 2)
  2. You can share me numerous times (gives you more chances to win)
  3. Go up and to the right and click on the “Follow” button, so I know you are interested
  4. Then enter your email address into the field below and press the “Join Me” button (you will be then following my blog and get my newsletter)
  5. Respond to this page in the comments below with your choice of a #hashtag for my upcoming book, named Dark Evil (be creative, check out my character pages as well for inspiration and ideas)
  6. Hashtags need to refer back to my novel somehow (i.e., #forebodingfiction, #ancientevil)
  7. There will be 3 winners picked at random and named within a week of the contest close

Here are the prizes:

First Place: $10 e-Gift Starbucks Gift Card + 2 chapter ARC

Second Place: $5 e-Gift Starbucks Gift Card + 1 chapter ARC

Third Place: $5 e-Gift Starbucks Gift Card + 1 chapter ARC