Samantha RedFeather

External Characteristics
Name: Does your character have a nickname, or are there other names that different characters use to address this character?Samantha is referred to as “Sam”
Time period: When does the novel take place?Current
Setting: Where does the novel take place?Utah, Arizona, Georgia (different locations)
Race:Navajo (Native American)
Physical description:Long dark hair, dark skin, one ice blue eye, one brown eye
Relationship status:Single
Education:Degrees in Forensic/Police Science, Criminology, Criminal Psychology
Profession:Special Unit that consults for the police, helps civilians, and so secret that other divisions need to call to confirm who she and her partner is
General disposition:   As your character would describe it.As others might describe it.  1 – Cautious
2 – Standoffish, rude, uninterested
Family:No family left
Pets:No pets
Hobbies or special talents:She is a seer, psychic link
Fears or phobias:She fears she can’t help those that need help
What does their residence look like?   What is the first thing a visitor to the residence might notice?Two-story home in a nice Phoenix neighborhood  
Navajo rugs and artifacts
Where does the character live?Phoenix, AZ
What does your character believe to be the highest virtue a person can possess?   Does your character possess it?Honesty