Mackenzie Yellow Bird

External Characteristics
Name: Does your character have a nickname, or are there other names that different characters use to address this character?Mackenzie is known as “Mac”
Time period: When does the novel take place?current
Setting: Where does the novel take place?Utah, Arizona, Georgia (different locations)
Race:Navajo (Native American)
Physical description:Long dark hair, dark skin, brown eyes, long scar down the side of his right cheek (from an accident)
Relationship status:Single
Education:Degrees in Forensic/Police Science, Criminology, Criminal Psychology
Profession:Special Unit that consults for the police, helps civilians, and so secret that other divisions need to call to confirm who she and her partner is
General disposition:   As your character would describe it. As others might describe it.    1 – Doesn’t trust easily
2 – Rude
Family:No family left
Pets:No pets
Hobbies or special talents:He is an empath
Fears or phobias:He fears he will lose Sam
What does their residence look like?   What is the first thing a visitor to the residence might notice?An adobe home out in the desert near the Navajo Mountains

Navajo rugs, dreamcatchers, and crude weapons line the walls
Where does the character live?Navajo Mountains of Utah
What does your character believe to be the highest virtue a person can possess?   Does your character possess it?Honesty