Sarah Johnson

The Partners…

Samantha RedFeather feels the pain of the victims she tries to save.

Sam is a Navajo seer and a psychic link. After her father is killed, her life’s goal is to find lost and kidnapped children. Her partner and friend, Mac Yellow Bird, is a powerful empath, protector, and spiritually the other half of Sam. Together, with their knowledge of forensics and the supernatural, they are asked to consult on cases for the police.

The Evil…

When some frighteningly creative murders take place, they require Sam’s unique gifts. Being able to see beyond the human veil, she sees a familiar MO. In going through her father’s research, she learns the real reason the Evil is after her and why she is the last of the RedFeather line.

Enter arrogant FBI Agent James Red Hawk and Sam’s life turns upside down. He left the reservation life and beliefs behind him for a reason, and he promised himself that he would never go back, yet here he was. They had been drawn together on a case once and then he had run back to Quantico. Now, he’s back and Sam doesn’t know if he will be a friend or enemy. She has a feeling he will be the latter.